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David Tanzer (, Fri Jul 06 20:54:30 GMT+02:00 2001
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RUSL is an xml - based, object oriented programming language. There maybe will be also a "lightweight" - version of RUSL to be used as scripting - language (with some restrictions). Read more about the purpose of RUSL in the Introduction to RUSL.The language itself is defined in the the RUSL Language Specification. RUSL is thought to be a programming language in xml, which means that it could be also (but not only) be used as a scripting and macro language in xml - documents and/or programs which are using xml. It can also be easily converted to other programming languages using XSLT.

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Please note that all the Platypus-Pages are still under construction. The pages have been tested with Opera 5.0 beta 6 for linux and Netscape 4.7 for linux and there where no problems. If you have problems with your browser, please email us.

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New Developer: Peter Becker

Peter Becker is writing an Editor: edgar, which uses xml as representation for the programs (Read more at the edgar homepage). Since this is very related to our project, we decided to work together and now he helps us with the XML Schemas. Welcome on board.

The History of RUSL

Is now avaliable in the Document Release - section (DocRel). You can also follow this link.

Developers Meeting

The first official Platypus Developers Meeting was at 02-10-2001 at Cafe Mitterer in Seitenstetten. Read more about it here

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